The Most Balanced and Honest Home Skin Whitening Review


Skin Whitening ResultsMark Twain once said that a person’s skin is the finest clothing ever made but that society demands more than just the skin. And indeed, everyone desires to have flawless, clear and beautiful skin. This not only makes them look good but also feel good about themselves. But the problem is that most of the cosmetics available for skin beautification are laden with many chemicals that can make the skin even worse than it was before. This has discouraged people from applying these products. However, the good news is that there are proven natural ways to lighten your skin and look beautiful and even a decade younger. In this post, we give you a complete and honest home skin whitening review so you can know how to naturally make your skin shiny and glowing without the risk of harmful chemicals.

Home Skin Whitening: What Is It?

This is an e-book written by Dr. Shah and Laura Jefferson, a researcher and a licensed dermatologist. In the book, Dr. Shah and Jefferson teach step-by-step methods of how to naturally and safely whiten your skin using ingredients available at your home or at the local grocery shop. In the e-book, Dr. Shah and Jefferson also provide useful tips that you can use to get rid of common skin problems like acne, pigmentations, freckles, age spots and blemishes among other skin conditions.

Thanks to this e-book, you will get to learn DIY methods of preparing whitening creams that can give you same, if not better even better, results compared to the pricey beauty products available in the market. Also, home skin whitening educates you on the benefits as well as dangers that various skincare products will have on your skin. You can also expect to learn the most important diets to help with skin whitening as well as the foods that you need to avoid.

Does It Work?

Because it is based on the natural skin whitening methods, the product works to ensure that your skin is whitened. It is however a bit difficult to give an exact time to start seeing results because of the fact that people tend to have different skin types. Home Skin Whitening will show results immediately to other people while for others, it can take time. However, you can rest assured that it gives much better results in the end since it does not have any side effects.

Product Details

This e-book was borne out of passion, a fact that makes it close to perfection. The author has made sure that the information contained in the book is not only accurate but also true and. The book is written in simple and clear language, making it able to be used by anyone interested in making their skin blemish-free and white irrespective of their education level.

The 60-day money back guarantee shows just how confident the author is with the book. It simply means that after 60 days of following the instructions of the e-book and getting no desirable results, you will be refunded fully of your money. The formulas and recipes are quite easy to put together and they also work exceptionally well. In short, the e-book provides high value for the money.


• Contains lots of information about the human skin as well as the factors that lead to a better health of the skin.
• Blow-by-blow guide regarding how to come up with recipes and formulas for skin whitening.
• The recipes are made up of 100% natural ingredients which really work.
• It educates you on things that harm your skin which allow you to avoid them in future and have a better skin.
• Offers diet programs for your particular skin which in turn ensure the best health of your skin.
• Thanks to the sixty-day guarantee, you do not have to pay if the book does not help you.
• Safe for use for any part of your body.


The only thing that might pass of as a disadvantage of this e-book is its low price. At just $37, it is hard to believe that it can provide all the things mentioned, and hence some people are likely to dismiss it as yet another rip-off. But the explanation for the rather low price is that the authors of this e-book wrote it out of passion. Their main desire was not to make big bucks but to help ordinary people such as you take advantage of local ingredients to make their skins better.

The Final Words

I would encourage you to try Home Skin Whitening and see if it works for you. The information in it is accurate and plainly put across. The recipes outlined in the book are not only easy to put together but also work. Finally, you have nothing to lose because you will be refunded your money in full if the book does not help you.

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Ways on How to Lose Weight Without Much Effort

Though it is believed by many that it needs a lot of effort to deal with excess fats, there are actually ways on how to do it easier. This is best for those who are very busy in their job that it’s hard to put that much effort on losing weight. A lot of experts in nutrition and health believe that women can lose weight without much effort. Below are some ways on how to do it.

Eat Fish to Deal with Fats

It would help a lot if you increase fish dishes in your diet. Most fishes have an antioxidant property that helps boost burning of fats. This also provides more energy to people who are into an exercise routine. The best source of this fat burning ingredient is salmons. This could also be found on shrimps and other sea foods.

Decrease Your Food Choices

There is a tendency that you eat more when your bag is packed with a lot of foods. When packing foods, see to it that you limit the foods you bring and also choose those which are healthier. This also means that you need to deal with the temptation of eating at eat-all-you-can restaurants. There is certainly no need to explain why.

Go With Your Eating Style

Do not anymore change your eating habit for it will just lead to eating more. If you have not practiced eating 6 small meals before, do not try it anymore. Your usual eating practice is good enough. All you need to do is to cut the amount of food you eat. This works better. Make sure that you eat less in every meal. For example, when you are fund of eating two cups of rice per meal, start by cutting it to one and a half until you get used to eating a cup of rice only or less.

It is certainly true that women can lose weight without much effort but this still requires discipline. You need to be motivated enough to follow these tips in order to see some results. Check and learn about an old ingredient that has helped thousands of women get rid of that excess weight.

Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast And Easy

There is no magic pill that will help you get rid of cellulite in a few days and all women know this. To reduce the layers of cellulite on your stomach, legs or buttocks it may take a month of dedication and a combination of several treatmens. Cellulite is mainly caused by sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and genetics while being overweight only makes it more visible. Even if you lose weight the cellulite is there which means it is not a weight problem. It is not about age either as most women have it in their teen years while as we age the cellulite becomes more visible especially if left untreated. What is cellulite? It is the condition where fat cells under the skin swell from too much fat and toxins, they push the layers of tissue causing the effect of dimples or orange peel skin. Cellulite is not only about beauty, it is usually connected with lack of circulation in the affected areas which means if you are ready to get rid of it you will need to change your lifestyle. With so many various anti cellulite treatments available on the market it has become easier for women to get rid of cellulite fast and easy. Keep in mind though that in order to reduce the cellulite, you need to choose a few different remedies for better results.

Home Anti-Cellulite Remedies

Give yourself some reasonable time to reach the goal and get rid of cellulite quickly. You can start with one month plan and see what happens. If you follow the plan and do not give up it is possible that your cellulite will reduce or even disappear. Here are some useful tips that can help:

>Exercise – it is simple – the more you walk and exercise the more oxygen your cells receive to cleanse the body and skin. Exercise creates protection against future cellulite deposits and it only takes 30 minutes of aerobics or weight training five times a week.

>Healthy diet and water – if you stay away from all processed and fast food for a while, quit smoking and drinking and increase your daily intake of water you can expect to see less cellulite on your body. Start eating more raw vegetables such as broccoli and carrots, drink vegetable smoothies and consume healthy fats.

>Massage and dry brushing – you can do this at home with anti cellulite massager or brush. Massage rejuvenates the skin, stimulates circulation and improves lymphatic flow. Brush your whole body always working toward the heart. If you are ready to invest in a good professional massage the results will be faster.

>Body wraps and cellulite creams – this is a great idea for losing cellulite fast and you can also do this at home. You need to apply the cream then wrap the areas affected with cellulite in seaweed, relax and see the amazing change in your skin condition.

Whichever treatment you choose make sure you do not take any pills or supplements without consulting your doctor. Some of the ingredients may be harmful or cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. To reduce or get rid of cellulite fast and easy is possible only if you are consistent and dedicated to fight it. Watch the following Youtube video ( and listen to an expert reveal the secrets of cellulite.

Effective Sunless Tanning Guide

Are you looking forward for a flawless tanned skin like you just came from the beach but you don’t have the time to lay out outside? There is no need to get frustrated since it could now be done even if you are inside your premises. This sunless tanning guide will help you.

One of the reasons why sunless tanning is a popular topic today is because a lot of research shows that there is increasing number of people diagnosed with skin cancer for the past 30 years. If you go out under the sun just to get a tanned skin, it could put you at risk. If there are many who aim to whiten their skin, there are also an equal number of people who wants a tan skin.

Use of Cosmetic Bronzers

For people aiming of a golden glow in their body, using cosmetic bronzers is a big help. This product only offers a temporary tanned look for consumers for it will be washed off in time. There are bronzers that contain protection from the sun while others do not. Make sure you read the label and instructions of the product you bought to know if you need to apply sunscreen or not. It would be ideal to consider a product that has an SPF label.

Types of Cosmetic Bronzers

Bronzing Powder – This bronzer is applied all over the face. See to it that it is applied evenly for a better look. Use a fluffy brush in applying the product. To have some emphasis, try to apply more on your cheek bones and temples.

Bronzing Gel – This option is best for those with dry skin but it is quite a challenge to apply. It would be easier if you simply use your finger to apply the gel. Make sure that you follow the right amount of gel to be applied on your skin as per instruction to get the results you wanted.

Spray Bronzer – This is one of the easiest ways to get a tan look with a little effort on your part. Use this product right after you have put on your make up. It will make the effect glowing and natural looking. The trick here is to spray on areas on your face where the sun naturally shines.

Stick Bronzer – To get the tan look you wanted, you simply have to apply this bronzer on areas on your face that is mostly hit by sunlight. If you don’t want to get your fingers tinted with the bronze color, use a tissue in applying it. See to it that you don’t touch your face when you wear this for it could get to other objects.

Self-Tanners – If ever you aim to get a longer tanning effect, using self-tanners could do it. These products are rich in dihydroxyacetone which is used as a skin coloring agent. You don’t have to worry about the use of this product for it is approved by FDA. Be sure that when you use this product, it does not get into your nose, eyes and mouth. This option could surely offer you with a long lasting tan color on your skin but you need to wait for about 24 hours to see full results. The bronze color will peel off together with the peeling of dead cells which could be in a couple of days. It is very important that this product is used property to get the results you want. See to it that you exfoliate first then apply it evenly and lightly.

Hopefully, this sunless tanning guide has provided you with some useful information. Be sure that when you choose certain brands of product, go for one that is highly trusted by a lot of people already the same as choosing a reliable bleaching product. With this, you could be sure of your safety and better results.

Skin Whitening – What You Need To Know

A lot of people take great interest in the subject of skin whitening. In fact, skin whitening products and skin whitening treatments are getting more popular than ever.

According to the Word Health Organization, 77% of the women who populate in Nigeria use a skin-whitening product. This number is the highest in the world. The trend is also growing with the rest of the planet.

A lot of women would like to learn how to whiten skin. Skin color is a personal choice, and for some women, a lighter skin would be a great boost to their self-esteem. With good self-esteem, women can be more confident with any aspect of their life from work to socializing with peers.

Although the skin is a big part, but some women would prefer to lighten only certain areas of their skin like the knees, elbow and underarms. There are skin lightening products and skin whitening treatments that cater to specific parts of the body. Alternatively, you can choose to whiten skin naturally with herbal or natural products. In fact, it is a better option as it is safer and fewer to zero side effects.

Most women are sensitive to the color of their underarms. The current society tends look at dark underarms as undesirable. Fortunately, there are skin whitening creams that you can apply regularly and easily.

Then there are the elbows and knees. Although not as important as the underarms, but most women would also want to lighten these parts. You can choose to bleach your skin or use whitening creams.

How To Whiten Skin – Your Options

Because a lot of women have a great interest in lightening the color of their skin, you will find no shortage of skin-lightening and treatments in the market.

There are basically two categories of skin whitening products and/or treatments, there are the non-natural and natural products. These skin whitening products may come in skin whitening creams, skin whitening pills or skin whitening soaps. Treatments may come in the form of laser treatments or cryosurgery.

Non-natural whitening products are the ones that are being produced by pharmaceutical companies. Although these products may be created from chemical ingredients, but most of them are approved by the FDA, and getting approval from FDA will take years to be sure that it will be safe for use. Therefore, do not be turned off by FDA skin whitening products from pharmaceutical companies as they rigorously tested for safety use.

If you want to whiten skin using natural ingredients, then natural skin whiteners are the thing for you. Most of these products are not approved to by the FDA since they are from natural ingredients and the administration has no authority over such things. However, most of these natural products and treatments do work when it comes to lightening the color of your skin. Furthermore, it is known that natural-based products are safe with fewer or zero side effects.

To lighten your skin, it is up to you to decide if you want to whiten skin naturally or use FDA approved drugs or treatments. The right answer can only be made by you depending on a few factors like budget, speed and health.

Skin Whitening Products – A Few Popular Ones

Lumi Essence – a skin-whitening product from Sweetsation Therapy. This skin-whitening product comes in a cream form and it is designed to reduce skin darkening and discoloration due to cumulative exposure to the sun. Lumi Essence is hydroquinone-free and the ingredients are mostly from fruit extracts.

Flawless White – a skin whitening cream from Ponds, a world-renowned cosmetic brand. This product is designed to lighten your skin color and also reduces the visibility of blemishes and dark spots. Flawless White is a whitening cream that may be used during the day and it offers UVA/UVB protection from rays of the sun.

Kojei San – a skin-whitening product that comes in the form of soap. It is commonly known to whiten the skin, but it offers other benefits such as reducing acne and reducing the visibility of sun-damaged skin, age spots and other skin pigmentation problems. This soap lightens skin coloration by reducing the concentration of melanin in your skin. It would be advised that some people experience skin irritation after prolonged use of Koji San.

Porcelain – a skin-whitening product in liquid form. The main active ingredient of the product is hydroquinone, a known ingredient to lighten dark skins and other skin-related blemishes such as brown patches and freckles. 97% of Porcelain is made of natural ingredients. It is paraben-free and has no fragrance.

Skin Whitening Treatments – A Few Simple And Easy Ways

If you are interested to know how to whiten skin, then there are skin-whitening treatments that are worth checking. You can bleach your skin or use ingredients that whiten skin naturally. Below are a few examples of skin-whitening treatments:

Almond – these popular nuts are not only healthy but also work as a great skin whitening agent. Almond is best used in the form of a cream or lotion. Furthermore, almond is known to be rich in Vitamin E, which helps skin retain moisture.

One way to use almond as a skin whitener is to mix almond oil together with olive oil. It is best that you apply the mixture before going to bed. However, just make sure that your skin is clean before you apply the mixture.

You can also create your own skin-whitening cream using almonds. Take 50 grams of almonds, preferably peeled, and add 3 tablespoons of milk, preferably non-fat. Stir or blend the ingredients until it becomes a thick paste. Finally, add a few drops of rose essential oil. You can then apply the mixture to any part of your body you wish to lighten.

Yogurt – this milk by-product is not a well known to be a skin-whitening agent. However, yogurt contains lactic acid, which is known to be a good natural bleaching agent.

As a treatment, you may gently rub the yogurt directly to your skin. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Continually using yogurt every day for a few weeks will result to noticeable skin whitening.

A lot of women are very much interested on how they can lighten the color of their skin. Although some people would frown upon the idea, but in the end, it’s a personal preference. If skin whitening provides a good boost for self esteem, then all for the better. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gained a few insights about the subject of skin whitening, a few over the counter products and natural skin whitening treatments.

How To Whiten Skin

It is common for a lot of women these days to long for whiter skin, especially for most Asian women. When there is demand, then there is always someone who will try to supply them for a profit. That is why you see a lot of advertised product that claim to whiten your skin fast and easy. While some of these products do work and you are welcome to try them. Just do not forget that there are natural skin whiteners that have been used for ages. Furthermore, natural skin whiteners are much safer for use and cause little to zero side-effects. Remember, in the long run, there is more than your skin to worry about, there is also your overall health. If you are interested to learn more on how to whiten skin, then you have come to the right place. The article is going to discuss the general idea on how you can whiten skin on the first part. The second part will cover specific step by step solutions on how to make your skin whiter.

The Science Behind On How To Whiten Skin


The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is composed of cells, much like other parts of the body. It serves as a protection, and in order to do that, the top-most layer needs to peel off every few days. As the top layer of the skin peels off, fresh new layer of skin rise to the top-most layer and a new set of skin is developing under the newly exposed skin. You could say that it is a continuing cycle.

What does this have to do with skin whitening? Everything! It is the top most layers that usually grow darker when you are exposed to sunlight, and if it peels off, a fresh layer is usually whiter than. Remember the last time you had a sunburn and your skin started to peel off? It’s the same idea.

To effectively whiten your skin naturally, it is best that you approach the task in two fronts. In one front, you make efforts to whiten the top-layer of the skin; and on another front, you make efforts to whiten or prevent darkening that roots from the bottom parts of the skin.

For the top parts, you are can whiten the skin by applying mild bleach. The word bleach may sound like a chemical, but there are bleaches that come from natural sources and you can use them safely with no worries for side effects.

For the bottom parts, you have to manage melanin. Melanin is the part of your skin that gives the pigmentation. It is also designed to react to outside stimulus. If your skin experiences prolonged exposure to the sun, your skin reacts by increasing the concentration of melanin thus results to a darkening of the skin color. However, there are ways you can prevent the increase of production of melanin. One is to reduce skin exposure to the sun and the other is to use natural products that inhibit melanin production.

If you are interested in the subject of how to whiten skin fast, then you can use two methods mentioned above and speed up the process by using natural products that help your skin exfoliates. By doing so, you will peel off the darker top-layer skin and expose the fresh new layer of skin with lesser concentration of melanin in lesser time.

How To Whiten Skin – A Few Easy To Do Natural Treatments

In this section, we will cover a few simple solutions of not only making your skin white, but also on how to whiten skin fast.

Lemon Juice

The great thing about lemon is that it is readily available. Lemon juice works well as a skin whitener as it contains natural bleach. Furthermore, it can also mildly disinfect your skin.

* Slice a lemon juice into half and squeeze the juice to a container.

* Dilute the juice with water. You can start with 1 parts juice with 1 parts water. If you find it too strong then, you can add more water to the mix.

* Take a cotton ball and dip into the liquid and apply it to your skin or parts of your skin that you wish to lighten.

* Let the lemon juice sit on your skin for 15 – 20 minutes. It is imperative that you do not expose your skin to sunlight at this time as the juice makes the skin hypersensitive to the sun.

* Rinse of the juice from your skin with warm water. Lemon may cause dryness to your skin, thus it is best that you apply a moisturizer. You can repeat the process 2-3 times per week and no more.


Turmeric is popular as an Indian spice. However, what most people in the west don’t know that it is being used as a skin whitener for ages. Turmeric is believed to contain ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin.

* Make a paste by mixing together turmeric, chickpea flour and olive oil.

* Apply to the paste to your skin. It is best to apply it in a circular motion. The roughness of the paste also makes a good exfoliator.

* Leave the paste for about 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse it off. The turmeric may leave a slight yellow color on your skin, but this will wear off quickly.

* Repeat the process for 1 to 2 times per week.


Raw potato contains mild bleaching properties. Furthermore, potatoes are rich with vitamin c, and this vitamin is often found in OTC skin whitening products.

* Take a raw potato and cut into half.

* With the exposed insides of the potato half, rub it on your skin. Make circular motion for best results.

* Leave the potato juice on the skin and leave it for about 15 – 20 minutes.

* Rinse the juice off thoroughly with warm water.

* You may repeat the treatment as many times per week as you wish as the bleaching agent found in potatoes are not that damaging to the skin and the vitamin C can do good for it also.

A lot of women are on interested on knowing how to whiten skin. Fortunately, nature has provided as with the tools to achieve that. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned the basic concepts behind skin whitening treatments and a few natural skin whitening treatments you can try.